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Over-printing press EDM 200.2

The EDM 200.2 is, like the EDM 200, an over-printing press that works according to the flexographic printing principle. It was developed especially for small and fast print jobs. In contrast to the EDM 200, this machine has two printing units one after the other which can be differently loaded with ink.

Due to a discontinuous movement of the material web, also known as Pilger process, the format length is infinitely variable and can be selected independently of the printing cylinder size. In this operating mode, it achieves a production speed of 200 copies per minute. When the machine is switched to continuous operation, a production speed of 90 metres per minute can be achieved if an 18-inch impression cylinder is used.

The implemented insetting control allows register-accurate printing of already die-cut labels, the orientation on print marks, or an already existing preprint. All rotating drives of this printing press are intelligent and highly dynamic servo axes.

  • Servo drives on all aggregates

  • Designed for paper and labels

  • UV drying with the latest technology

  • Format length infinitely variable

  • Web tension generated by means of vacuum rolls

  • Two printing rolls in a row

  • Ink selection / ink equipment as needed

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